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How much protein your body needs to build muscles?

Protein : protein is an essential supplement to build your muscles. Our body also synthesize protein by it but it is not sufficient to build muscles, a studies came which shows that about 97 % of indians are protein deficit and our daily demand of protein for living an healthy life is 1gram per kg of your weight. For example if we take an example of average guy whose weight is 70 kg, so he needs a 70 gram of protein daily to live an healthy life                     But when we talk about muscle building goals than than our daily demand will be 1.8 grams of protein per kg of our body weight means about 105 grams of protein daily if we follows the above example.  Tip: try to consume your daily demand of protein from variety of foods for example fish, soyachunks, chickenšŸ” etc. Because it will help you to meet your daily demand of other nutrients and minerals.

Reasons why you should try creatine in your diet?

So basically creatine is a supplement which is present in the market from 90's and it was before whey protein.  What is creatine doing in our body?  So basically creatine is producing extra ATP (Adinosin tri phosphate) in our body and lots of you guys have read about ATP in 10 class biology subject that ATP's are energy packets in our body and when you get extra ATP from outside which means taking creatine will gives you extra endurance, strength and stamina.  So basically in simple words we can say that after taking creatine there will be more reps than everyday.  You are taking creatine in your everyday diet but it was only 1gm and when you are a sportsman or fitness athlete you will need an extra 4 to 6 grams of creatine  How much dosage is safe?  So basically 20 grams of creatine dosage is safe but that will creat bloating in your stomach so i would suggest 10 gram of creatine is safe limit and I would suggest to take it in warm water. And for beginners the dosage…

How to get chest like varun dhawan by home workout

Hey guys I am back with another post on how to get pure square shape chest like varun dhawan through home workout ( push ups) you can also check out my post on chest fat which will give you information on how to decrease your chest fat.
So without wasting time let's talk about exercises and workout regime.
One thing more guys which I want to tell you is that you have to follow this workout routine 3-4 times in a week. Normal push ups. In this exercise we will going to work on our middle chest.
You have to do 3 sets of normal push ups with 12 to 15 reps in each set
Inclined push ups By this exercise we will going to work on our lower chest.
In this you have to put your hands above 2-3 feet from ground and legs on ground.
In this you can also put your hands on stairs or horizontal pole.
Than you have to do push ups. One thing which you have to take care is that the pole (stair)should touch your lower chest. In these push ups.
You have to do 3 sets with 12-15 reps in each s…

How to gain weight drastically fast through natural way

How to gain weight. 

Hey guys here i am back with another post on how to increase your weight with proper macro nutrients while maintaining the whole diet healthy and effective, in this diet we basically put pressure on fats carbs and protein.
This diet is usually for indians because the things which I am going to recommend will find easily in Indian kitchen
The benefit of this post is that it is cost effective and you can afford this diet at very low cost.
Morning So basically we start our day with morning black coffee in morning
And after 2 hrs we will take our breakfast with Indian famous parathas with curd, these contains high fat, carbs and protein(curd)
Lunch Than in you have to eat normal food whatever your mom had cooked for you and you have to maintain the ghee and gurd in your diet after food this will helps you in increasing your weight and buttermilk is necessary in whole process.
Snacks time at 5 pm In this you have to take nuts which are high in …

Home workout to reduce chest fat in a week.

Most of today's guys are dealing with an problem of chest fat or man boobs and this breaks their confidence level also this reduces their public appeal and their focus was always on their chest that is it look better or not in public. So basically this workout was an HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout with addition of push up variation into it, guys the motive of adding push-ups into it was to increase blood flow into your chest muscles and after this if you do compound cardio exercise than this will result in fat mobilization from your chest, also add fat burning drinks into it so that your fat burning process becomes more faster.
So lets start our workout.

1. Push-ups ( simple )
In the first we will do simple push ups which works as warm-up and activate your chest muscle and you have to continue this for 20 seconds with medium speed.
2. Stair climbing
Second one is mostly done by all of us In our day to day life, stair climbing is the best exercise which works on y…



Hey guys this is Y. Akshay Pratap signing in stay tuned to this article and in some time I am going
 to reveal the miraculous drink which can help you in your weight loss program.
So guys before knowing about this drink you have to make sure that you must follow an
 proper no fat diet and also no sugar, so if you are maintaining low calorie diet and
 use this drink with your diet than it will be going to give you an extraordinary results.
All of you guys must have listen about moringa plant the plant which is also known as
miraculous plant those of you don't know about moringa click on this colorful word
 " moringa " and those who knows lets go further
So basically our main constituent in this drink is moringa powder which you can
get on amazon or any other eCommerce site. Besides moringa powder the other constituents
 are lemon, honey and Luke warm water.
Lets make the drink.
First. take a half glass of Luke warm water in glass
Second. Than …

Scientific trick to get big arms fast.

Hey guys this is Y. Akshay again with a new article on how to made huge arms so that you looks more muscular while wearing a shirt or t-shirt. Lots of guys in my friends group asks me how to build big arms, triceps, biceps because arms are always exposed to the public and having an big arms creates an more muscular appeal in public places which gives you more confidence to deal people and it also gives an sense of fearlessness.

To grow your arms fast we will apply some science and common sense hear, lot of beginners don't know the fact that your biceps constitute only 30% muscles of your arms and left 70% is triceps muscle which is biggest muscle group in your arms 

So if you want to grow your arms fast and easily, I would suggest you guys to train your triceps more lots of guys are doing this mistakes In their starting days of their gym that they train their biceps more and triceps less 
                       which results your biceps goes into catabolic state which locks your bice…

3 home exercises to burst your triceps.

Most effective home triceps exercises.
These exercises are mixed version of yoga and calisthenics and only contain body weight but are very effective on your triceps. This post will answer all questions like, how to build triceps, how to grow your triceps fast, and how to built huge triceps at home.
Hey guys this is Y Akshay again with another post on how to grow your triceps at home lets get started.
1. sarp Dand ( cobra Hindu push-ups )
This is an exercise which is going to help you to explode your triceps.this is basically an yoga used by most of the wrestlers in India to work on their triceps chest and front shoulder delts 
How to do this? 
1. First of all you have to take dog position as shown in figure and your head should be between your shoulders.
2. Than you have to slide your body in u shape to the ground on your hands while moving forward.
3. Than again you have to push your hands toward ground and while focusing on your bums you have to slide back.
You can understand the whole tech…

5 Common bicep curls mistakes.

Mistakes which restricts you from getting bigger ArmsHey guys this is Y. Akshay Pratap again with another article and today we are going to discuss common bicep curls mistakes so lets get started without wasting time.

1. Ego trainingThe biggest mistake which we are doing in gym is ego training, the very first motive of most of young fitness enthusiasts were to lift heavy loads and the biggest myth in fitness industry for outsiders is that the more you will lift heavy load the more your body will grow                         it is wrong guys, the reality is totally different from this, in fact the moderate weight will make your form correct and you will feel the right contraction on that particular body muscle.
2. High Body momentum
When you are lifting load your body should be in straight position, high momentum will cause to distribute the weight on various other muscle parts and this will reduce your proper contraction which an muscle needed while you are exercising.

Q. How to maintain t…

How to build perfect biceps like John Abraham.

Hey guys my name is Y. Akshay Pratap and I am back with another article shows how to build perfect
 biceps like John Abraham, remember guys these are only the exercises and exercises constitute only
 40% remaining 60% is your diet, for protein food you can click on this link
( So lets started.
Basically biceps constitute 2 muscles one is long head and another one is short as you can see
 picture given below. So to get an perfect bicep we have to train both these muscles, and this
 will also help to grow your forearms and one more thing guys you don't have to do multiple
exercise for your biceps muscle part because bicep is usually an small muscle if you overtrain
 this muscle part I can go in catabolic state which stops its further growth, these are some basic
exercises which helps you build those big biceps. 1. Barbell curls.
Barbell curls are best exercise for building big biceps and these exe…

How to grow your muscles fast.

Hey guys this is Y. Akshay Pratap and I am back with another blog on how to grow your muscles fast. As a fitness enthusiasts we all wanted to grow our muscles fast naturally to gain results fast and this also motivates us in gym for more and more input in workout. So stay with me till the end of this blog and i will tell you 6 steps on how to gain muscles fast.
So without wasting time lets gets started.

1. Shock therapy ( Improved )
discovered by the great bodybuilder of world called Arnold Schwarzenegger here we will use this therapy in improved way and I have used this while in my workout in gym.
So basically what we will do is just change the way we exercise.
We all train basically 2 body parts on each day and we are training twice each body part in a week. And while practicing shock therapy. We will train a body part with very high intensity on first day and with very low intensity on next day in a week.
Which means we are training a body part on first day to breakdown level and on seco…

Does yoga burns calories?

How will you find the right yoga for weight loss ?

Yes yoga burns calories. There are lot of yoga poses which can burn calories upto 200 to 600 calories depends upon intensity level.You might surprised that how these non weight training exercises burns that much amount of calories, So for those of you is link of Harvard's report which will help you guys to remove your myths about yoga. you can fasten this fat loss program by reading this blog (
Q. How we can find out which yoga pose will burn more calories. A. Simple answer of this question is the more muscles you engage in an yoga exercise the more you will burn calories.
Although I will show some of these yogas in this blog but you have to recognise which yoga will fits you state of health, geographical conditions, and your physical conditions.
And that is the best thing about yoga that it contains so much of variability that everyone of you c…


Meditation for beginnersHey guys this is Y.Akshay Pratap Singh again with a new topic how to do meditation for beginners, we all know the problems which an beginner face in start of his journey of meditation such as, lots of distraction, boringness, lack of concentration and many more. And on net you will get the same thousand year old meditation practices which comes on same end results of chanting some mantras and focusing on sun while your eyes closed. 
           and this is bullshit most of us can't focus on that sun for more than 10 sec and those who can they are high level meditation practitioners, so what are the meditation practices for beginners in simplified way and I am here to simplify fitness for you guys.
So without wasting time lets come on 5 meditation practices which an beginner can practice with very few distractions and high concentration.

1. Running.

Running is the best exercise to increase your high concentration and body strength because while you running fre…

Healthy Substitute Of Peanut Butter

Best Substitute Of Peanut Butter.Hey guys this is Y.Akshay welcomes you again to my blog the wikifit  today we will talk about healthy substitute of peanut butter. Hope you will like it and the biggest factor of this substitute is that it is an organic product. So without wasting time lets reveal this food.
Sesame seed.
Also known as queen of oil seed. Sesame seed poses an amazing health benefits which are helpful for guys who wanted to gain their weight. Know lets talk about content which it poses: Calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, copper, vitamin B6, fibre, and protein
Benefits: 1. Protects your skin from uv rays, also helps in delays your signs of ageing.
2. Improves your memory (contains omega fatty acids), eyesight (contains vitamin e), and  hearing.
3. For fitness enthusiasts it can work as replacement of fish oil. Means it helps in increase in bone density because it contains in calcium, zinc 

4. Heart benefits - it contains high antioxidants which helps in lower d…