3 home exercises to burst your triceps.

Most effective home triceps exercises.

These exercises are mixed version of yoga and calisthenics and only contain body weight but are very effective on your triceps. This post will answer all questions like, how to build triceps, how to grow your triceps fast, and how to built huge triceps at home.
Hey guys this is Y Akshay again with another post on how to grow your triceps at home lets get started.

1. sarp Dand ( cobra Hindu push-ups )

This is an exercise which is going to help you to explode your triceps.this is basically an yoga used by most of the wrestlers in India to work on their triceps chest and front shoulder delts 
How to do this? 
1. First of all you have to take dog position as shown in figure and your head should be between your shoulders.
2. Than you have to slide your body in u shape to the ground on your hands while moving forward.
3. Than again you have to push your hands toward ground and while focusing on your bums you have to slide back.
You can understand the whole technique by seeing the image given above.

2. Bench dips.

We all know about bench dips this is the beginning exercise which we were doing while in school life. Usually bench dips gives an pump to whole triceps muscles but I works only on medieval head of triceps muscle.
While doing this exercise you have to maintain your focus that your torso should not move away from bench. It should be close to the bench and also you don't have to move too much downside, you just have to go that much downside till your fore arms and your triceps make 90 degree with each other.

3. Diamond 💎 push-ups

Diamond push-ups will work both on your triceps and middle chest, for beginners its intensity was too high so you can do it on your knees.
How to do this ?
1. The process is very simple you just have to take an proper push-ups position 
2. Than make sure your hand should make an diamond shape 
3. Than slowly you have to go downside with touching your hands on your mid of your chest as shown in image.
4. And lastly you have to come upside again while exhaling your breathe.
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