5 Common bicep curls mistakes.

Mistakes which restricts you from getting bigger Arms

Hey guys this is Y. Akshay Pratap again with another article and today we are going to discuss common bicep curls mistakes so lets get started without wasting time.

1. Ego training

The biggest mistake which we are doing in gym is ego training, the very first motive of most of young fitness enthusiasts were to lift heavy loads and the biggest myth in fitness industry for outsiders is that the more you will lift heavy load the more your body will grow
                        it is wrong guys, the reality is totally different from this, in fact the moderate weight will make your form correct and you will feel the right contraction on that particular body muscle.

2. High Body momentum

When you are lifting load your body should be in straight position, high momentum will cause to distribute the weight on various other muscle parts and this will reduce your proper contraction which an muscle needed while you are exercising.
Q. How to maintain the proper posture of body?
A. Its answer is simple put your chest out, keep your legs apart for better stability and don't do the mistakes given in point 3,4,5.

3. Elbow movement

So continuing the answer of above question the biggest mistake is to move your elbow in front of your body while doing curls most of people thinks that it will give you more contraction but this is wrong guys 
          this will pays load on your front delts and which can cause minor injury to your shoulder If you are repeating this mistake for long period. And this also reduces the contraction of muscles needed which will ultimately reduces the growth of your biceps.

4. Wrist movement

The another common mistakes done by most of the beginners in the gym while doing bicep curls is movement of wrist while contracting the muscles. 
                  the main though coming in beginners mind while committing this mistake is this will give us more contraction but again I would say you are wrong guys, 
                 and how? so the answer of this question is your load bearing capacity of your biceps and wrists are different and by common sense most of you knows that wrist can bear lower load than biceps because biceps muscle is bigger than wrist muscle.
             so basically when you move your wrist while doing bicep curls this will cause an concentration of load on wrist joint and it can cause fracture in your wrist joint 
So you have to maintain stability and straightness in your muscle joint while doing bicep curls.

5. Shoulder and traps involvement

Sometimes your shoulders also involved while you are doing bicep curls with heavy weight and this is the issue which most of the guys neglected and then the complain, why are my biceps are not growing?
          so I would insist to use light weight in beginning so that your proper posture will be maintained.

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