Hey guys in this article, I am going to tell you 7 drinks which can increases your weight loss        process and gives you a boost in your journey. So be with me till the end of this article and I promise you, you will not regret. 

 Black Coffee 

It was widely used in all over the world. It has numerous advantages for weight loss but if used in right manner. Most of dietician recommend it to used before your workout. You can consume it 45 mins before your workout starts.  

It helps in numerous ways such as:

It increases your metabolic rate 

Works as cheapest fat burner, helps jn gaining lean muscle mass

Increases your concentration while you are in gym which result in increase In workout time

How to prepare it.

You just have to take a beaker put it on stove and pour some water in it
As the water starts boiling put a half teaspoon of coffee powder in it. After this boil it again for 1 mins 

Take it in a mug and that's all 


Don'ts consume more than 250 milligrams of caffeine in an day otherwise it will cause various issues like anxiety, increases heart rate


This is basically consumed in Germany and India during summers. It possess great health benefits and I recommend all the readers to include this drink in your diet

How to prepare this drink:

1. Mix curd and water in jug in an ratio of 40/60 in which 40 % will be curd and 60% water

2. Churn it for 1 minute by blender

3. And you can add salt in this as per your convenience and your drink is ready to drink


1. It contains probiotic bacteria which helps in consuming nutrients in intestine which increases your metabolism

2. It contains high protein, if you google it you will find that it contains 14-16 grams of protein in one glass of buttermilk which is 250 ml and this constitutes your 25-35% of protein need.

3. It fills your stomach and contains low calories


The persons who are on lean diet or keto diet should prohibit this drink

Moringa drink

Moringa is also called as miraculous tree because of its exquisite properties it possess such as.

It contains 4 times more protein than eggs 

It contains 16 times more phosphorus than banana 

10 times more iron than spinach 

How to prepare this drink:

1.You can prepare moringa powder by your own or you can bye it online.

2.Mix the moringa powder in luke warm water and a teaspoon of honey in it and lastly mix it well by blender and that's all

3.The reason for addition of honey is to reduce the bitterness which original juice poses


1. It reduces your sugar level and prevents excessive sugar into fat formation

2. It helps specially in burning your fat from your side belly


I personally recommend not to use this powder more than half teaspoon in a day in the beginning phase.

Lemon honey water 

This drink was widely used by womens in India after their pregnancy to regain their original shape. It possess great taste as well health benefits.

How to prepare this drink:

Most of us make some common mistakes while preparing it due to which people complains that it causes acidity.

1. Take a glass of luke warm water

2. Squeeze Half a lemon in it

3. Mix 1 teaspoon of honey in it 

4. Mix it well and that's all


1. Shrinks skin fats

2. Body detoxification

3. Helps in immune system

4. Helps in digestion


Do not consume this in night.And don't pour honey in hot water

Triphala drink.

Basically originated in India. The triphala powder given by Ayurveda, it ias a mixture of three herbs known as haritaki, bibhitaki and amalaki

How to prepare this drink:

1. Take a half glass of luke warm water .

2. Mix half teaspoon of triphala powder in it

3. Pour it well and engulf it slowly 


1. It works at detoxifier in your body

2. It helps in digestion

3. Gives best results if used with empty stomach in morning

4. Helps in proper absorption of nutrients

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