Does yoga burns calories?

How will you find the right yoga for weight loss ?

Yes yoga burns calories. There are lot of yoga poses which can burn calories upto 200 to 600 calories depends upon intensity level.You might surprised that how these non weight training exercises burns that much amount of calories, So for those of you is link of Harvard's report which will help you guys to remove your myths about yoga. you can fasten this fat loss program by reading this blog (

Q. How we can find out which yoga pose will burn more calories.
A. Simple answer of this question is the more muscles you engage in an yoga exercise the more you will burn calories.
Although I will show some of these yogas in this blog but you have to recognise which yoga will fits you state of health, geographical conditions, and your physical conditions.
And that is the best thing about yoga that it contains so much of variability that everyone of you can exercise it as per your health conditions.

Lets see these 5 yoga poses which will help you to burn calories faster.

1. Kapalbhati pranayam.

This is the simplest yoga and wants very low movement of muscles And that is the good thing about this that all age group people can do this.Calorie burn in 10 min.It can burn upto 30 to 40 calories in 10 mins varies according to your age group and body type.

How to do this ?


The patients of hypertension, hernia, heart disease and back pain are recommended to do it slowly.

2. Dand baithak ( squats )

This is the best yoga for weight loss and high calorie burnout. Specially by young people's who are reading this blog. The high calorie burnout reason of this exercise is simple that it works on biggest muscles of body part which are legs.
It can burn upto 140 calories in 10 minutes for an person with weight 150 pounds.

How to do this ?

1. Stand straight with the legs gap straight to the gap between your shoulders.
2. Now simply bend your knees and put your hips out.
3. Bend your knees till your hips and knees comes on same axis now hold in that position for an sec 
4. And now comes to your body's original position slowly while exhaling.


The persons whom have problem in knee joint and lower back should avoid this.

3. Tadasan

Tadasan is usually an stretching exercise which helps in increasing your height but it is also useful in reducing your side belly fat.
It is simple to apply and very helpful in reducing your side belly fat.

How to do this.

1. Stand straight and stretch your Hands on top of your head and join them.
2. Now move your torso on left side while your hand stretched, don't bend your hands.
3. Similarly move your torso now on right side.
4. Breathing is important while doing this yoga
a) exhale while contracting your side belly
b) inhale while coming moving your torso in original position.


Those who have an slip disc problem avoid this yoga

4. Konasana yoga

This is also an stretching exercise and next level modification of tadasana. 
Also have same benefits of Tadasan but it burns more calories than Tadasan and you have seen this yoga as warm-up exercise in gym

How to do this.

1. Stand straight and Increase your feet gap higher than solder width.
2. Know place right hand on left leg toe while exhaling and your head should be seeing your left hand's palm
seeing front side.
3. Similarly do it on opposite side

5. Sun salutaion

also known as surya namaskar. Harvard's report states that it can burn more calories than sprinting 🏃.
It contains 12 poses of yoga. And gives you internal strength, circulation of energy means removes blockage in energy circulation, increases flexibility,  increases your patience helps in concentration and helps in building your muscles.

How to do this.


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