Healthy Substitute Of Peanut Butter

             Best Substitute Of Peanut Butter.

Hey guys this is Y.Akshay welcomes you again to my blog the wikifit  today we will talk about healthy substitute of peanut butter. Hope you will like it and the biggest factor of this substitute is that it is an organic product. So without wasting time lets reveal this food.

Sesame seed.


Also known as queen of oil seed. Sesame seed poses an amazing health benefits which are helpful for guys who wanted to gain their weight.
Know lets talk about content which it poses:
Calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, copper, vitamin B6, fibre, and protein


1. Protects your skin from uv rays, also helps in delays your signs of ageing.

2. Improves your memory (contains omega fatty acids), eyesight (contains vitamin e), and 

3. For fitness enthusiasts it can work as replacement of fish oil. Means it helps in increase in bone density because it contains in calcium, zinc 


4. Heart benefits - it contains high antioxidants which helps in lower down your cholesterol levels

5. For women - it reduces chances of breast cancer and helps to improve their Brest milk

6. It contains high fibre as we have seen earlier so it also helps in relief to constipation


7. It helps in relieve to hypertension because it contains magnesium which constitutes 15 to 20% of your daily dosage of magnesium


8. Contains omega 3, omega 6, and omega 9 fatty acids which helps in hair growth.

9. It contains high protein content (4.7 gram per 30 gram)

10. It will also helps you to gain weight because it contains efficient amount of saturated fats

11. It boosts your immunity and prevents from common cold


How to take it :

I would suggest to take sesame seed after grinding in mixer because that will help you to digest it properly and churns out its nutrients wholly into your body 
You can also add honey in it to make it more tastier.


The dosage of sesame seeds varies according to health, age, geographical, and physical conditions.

I prefer 25 gram of sesame seeds in a day that will be efficient.

Overdose side effects of sesame seeds are:

1. It can cause allergy on skin


2. I strongly condemned the use of sesame seeds for women in pregnancy it can cause miscarriage

3. Due to high lucrative properties it can cause loose motion if taken more than limit.

4. It can cause swelling below your eyes if overdoses


5. It increases your body heat due to which your nose may starts flowing

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