How to build perfect biceps like John Abraham.

Hey guys my name is Y. Akshay Pratap and I am back with another article shows how to build perfect
 biceps like John Abraham, remember guys these are only the exercises and exercises constitute only
 40% remaining 60% is your diet, for protein food you can click on this link
So lets started.

Basically biceps constitute 2 muscles one is long head and another one is short as you can see
 picture given below. So to get an perfect bicep we have to train both these muscles, and this
 will also help to grow your forearms and one more thing guys you don't have to do multiple
exercise for your biceps muscle part because bicep is usually an small muscle if you overtrain
 this muscle part I can go in catabolic state which stops its further growth, these are some basic
exercises which helps you build those big biceps.

1. Barbell curls.

Barbell curls are best exercise for building big biceps and these exercise works on long head of
bicep which helps to look your bicep bigger from side and I would suggest to go with light
weights in starting because that will help you to build proper posture for further heavyweight
bicep curls.
If you want to feel proper contraction in biceps curls to break more muscles, I would suggest
 to use long barbell rod. In starting I would suggest 3 sets of 15 reps each.

2. Reverse biceps curls 

This is fabulous exercise for your short bicep head muscle and this will also helps you to
 grow your forearms muscles. Usually this exercise in simple words helps you to look good
 biceps from front and helps you to give you more wider biceps look.
               I would suggest to do 5 sets of 10 reps of this exercise because there are very less
 exercises which will helps you to work on your bicep's short head effectively.

3. Concentrated dumbbell curls

The biggest disadvantage of this exercise is that it is very hard to perform this exercise in
 right manner so I would suggest to perform this exercise under your trainer's council and
if can't afford a trainer that learn this from YouTube.
           so now come to its advantage this exercise is the best exercise to increase your bicep
 peak, it helps to concentrate all your biceps power on a particular point which helps in more
 breakdown of muscles and remember while you are performing this exercise your entire focus
 should be on biceps because that will built your muscle mind connection.

4. Chin ups.

This is an calisthenics exercise which helps you to built an overall biceps and also makes your
 hold more tighter by working on your forearms, biggest advantage of this exercise is that you
 can perform it on any place whether I is your home, gym or in your college you just need an
hanging bar and that's all.
Conclusion - remember guys you have to perform all these exercises by focusing on bicep 
muscle part because than only your muscle mind connection will setup and you are able to
 grow your muscle..

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