How to grow your muscles fast.

Hey guys this is Y. Akshay Pratap and I am back with another blog on how to grow your muscles fast. As a fitness enthusiasts we all wanted to grow our muscles fast naturally to gain results fast and this also motivates us in gym for more and more input in workout. So stay with me till the end of this blog and i will tell you 6 steps on how to gain muscles fast.
So without wasting time lets gets started.

1. Shock therapy ( Improved )

discovered by the great bodybuilder of world called Arnold Schwarzenegger here we will use this therapy in improved way and I have used this while in my workout in gym.
So basically what we will do is just change the way we exercise.
We all train basically 2 body parts on each day and we are training twice each body part in a week. And while practicing shock therapy. We will train a body part with very high intensity on first day and with very low intensity on next day in a week.
Which means we are training a body part on first day to breakdown level and on second day we are just training with moderate level.
Q. How does this affect our body ?
A. We will analyse this question with an example. Suppose you are training biceps on Tuesday and Friday in a week. So basically what you do is train biceps with low weights on Tuesday with low reps and train biceps with high weight and high reps on Friday. This will helps to break your muscles more and we know that the more will the muscles break more it increase after recovery.
It helps to break the comfort level of a muscle in which it comes after an long workout of it with the same weights.

2. Exercise in correct way.

Do the exercises in correct way so that more and more muscle breaks in a workout. It takes to correct your posture sometimes it takes 6 months to correct your posture. But its OK you can't become perfect on something on very first day. 
                     On starting days exercise with low weights, so that you will notice the correct posture in which your muscles feels the right contraction and relaxation.

3. Work on muscle after the leg workout.

We all know that leg is biggest muscle In our body part and when we are working on legs, testosterone rises to its peak level to recover that huge muscle part, if you are exercising your that muscle part with legs ( eg. biceps, shoulder etc ) it will help them also to recover fast.
                    so i  will insist to over train your that particular muscle which is not growing, with legs. It will helps you it helps me also.

4. Increase your sets and reps.

Yes, increase your sets and reps in your daily workout come out of myth of 3 sets and 12 reps this will slow down your process of growing muscles. I would suggest to exercise  body part with 4 sets 20 reps.
              if you are enable to do this with heavy weights than do this with light weights. Remember the more you will break your muscle, more it will grow. 
No pain no gain.

5. Be consistent to your diet.

Be consistent to your diet guys, building an physic is not an game of one day it is everyday process or we can say this is an lifestyle which you have to follow consistently.
You have to take the proper amount of protein to build muscles, an average person have to take 1.3 to 1.5 grams of protein on each kilogram of your body to build muscle. For example if your weight is 60 kg than you have to take 90 grams of protein to build muscles on your body.
Not only protein you have to take proper amount of carbs, fats and nutrients to absorb that protein into your body.
And remember guys while you are taking that much high amount of protein into your body it puts high pressure on kidney's so drink 3-4 liters of water in a day that will protect your kidneys from failure.

6. Increase testosterone level.

Last but not the least increase your testosterone level because that will help you to recover from high fatigue on your muscle while you are little bit overtraining your muscles.
There are lots of methods to increase your testosterone level naturally such as.
There are ayurvedic medicine called shilajit, asvagandha. Which helps you to grow your testosterone level.
but daily dosage of these medicine is decided as per your doctors consult.
There are various yogas also for boosting your testosterone level such as hanuman dand

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