Meditation for beginners

Hey guys this is Y.Akshay Pratap Singh again with a new topic how to do meditation for beginners, we all know the problems which an beginner face in start of his journey of meditation such as, lots of distraction, boringness, lack of concentration and many more. And on net you will get the same thousand year old meditation practices which comes on same end results of chanting some mantras and focusing on sun while your eyes closed. 

           and this is bullshit most of us can't focus on that sun for more than 10 sec and those who can they are high level meditation practitioners, so what are the meditation practices for beginners in simplified way and I am here to simplify fitness for you guys.
So without wasting time lets come on 5 meditation practices which an beginner can practice with very few distractions and high concentration.

1. Running.


Running is the best exercise to increase your high concentration and body strength because while you running fresh blood pumped into your whole body parts and brain, which increases your subconscious minds activeness on your thoughts on high you are working and ultimately this leads more creativity.

Q. Where does meditation comes in running?
A. While you are running you will notice that your whole focus on your breathe and you have to maintain the same cycles of your breathe so that you can run more and more with less heavy breathing.

This is where meditation comes meditation doesn't means to focus on any chanting or on sun but means focus on one thing which can be your breathe.

2. Walking.


Walking is the best exercise to increase your concentration and focus on one thing but you have to keep some key points on note.

1. While you walk your entire focus should be on your breathe not on side things which are coming on road or track.

2. You are not allowed to use headphones and earphones while you walk

3. Your entire focus should be on sound of your breathe in and out

4. Breathe with your stomach not with your chest because while you breathe with chest you are reducing your oxygen supply in your body so breathe with your stomach.


1. It helps you to cure from depression.

3. Pranayama


This is an kind of yoga in which you sits straight with on legs fold and hands should be on your legs. This is the correct posture which you have to follow.
            In this you have to focus on your breathe with chanting of word om while inhaling


1. Pranayama helps in your proper understanding of any topic 

2. It also helps in relieving your stress

3. It helps you to overcome in times of demoralizing and keep you motivated.

4. Building castle from cards.


This is the exercise which is used by most of psychiatrists who want to cure their patients from overthinking
Most of you knows that we are playing this game in our childhood times but never notice the benefits which this game is giving to us.
Those who don't know about this game can read this paragraph. So basically in this game we have to make castle of cards along the wall which wants high focus.
Your castle breaks many times but you are not ready to step back and again start your castle to build and build it till the last card in not placed on castle.
This is an interesting game do try this it will help you to cure you from overthinking.

5. Listen instrumental classical music.


Studies shows that music increases your concentration power it also states that music remember you about your past memories.
But the music you listen should be classical one in which it contains only one instrument in whole music in this you will focus on the single instrument's note and that will create high concentration power.
You can use this while reading also. It is much helpful in this.

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