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Home workout to reduce chest fat in a week.

Most of today's guys are dealing with an problem of chest fat or man boobs and this breaks their confidence level also this reduces their public appeal and their focus was always on their chest that is it look better or not in public. So basically this workout was an HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout with addition of push up variation into it, guys the motive of adding push-ups into it was to increase blood flow into your chest muscles and after this if you do compound cardio exercise than this will result in fat mobilization from your chest, also add fat burning drinks into it so that your fat burning process becomes more faster.
So lets start our workout.

1. Push-ups ( simple )
In the first we will do simple push ups which works as warm-up and activate your chest muscle and you have to continue this for 20 seconds with medium speed.
2. Stair climbing
Second one is mostly done by all of us In our day to day life, stair climbing is the best exercise which works on y…



Hey guys this is Y. Akshay Pratap signing in stay tuned to this article and in some time I am going
 to reveal the miraculous drink which can help you in your weight loss program.
So guys before knowing about this drink you have to make sure that you must follow an
 proper no fat diet and also no sugar, so if you are maintaining low calorie diet and
 use this drink with your diet than it will be going to give you an extraordinary results.
All of you guys must have listen about moringa plant the plant which is also known as
miraculous plant those of you don't know about moringa click on this colorful word
 " moringa " and those who knows lets go further
So basically our main constituent in this drink is moringa powder which you can
get on amazon or any other eCommerce site. Besides moringa powder the other constituents
 are lemon, honey and Luke warm water.
Lets make the drink.
First. take a half glass of Luke warm water in glass
Second. Than …