Home workout to reduce chest fat in a week.

     Most of today's guys are dealing with an problem of chest fat or man boobs and this breaks their confidence level also this reduces their public appeal and their focus was always on their chest that is it look better or not in public.
So basically this workout was an HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout with addition of push up variation into it, guys the motive of adding push-ups into it was to increase blood flow into your chest muscles and after this if you do compound cardio exercise than this will result in fat mobilization from your chest, also add fat burning drinks into it so that your fat burning process becomes more faster.
So lets start our workout.
 Home workout to reduce chest fat in a week.

1. Push-ups ( simple )


In the first we will do simple push ups which works as warm-up and activate your chest muscle and you have to continue this for 20 seconds with medium speed.

2. Stair climbing


Second one is mostly done by all of us In our day to day life, stair climbing is the best exercise which works on your thighs , hamstring and calves muscles.
It also increases your testosterone level which will reduces your fat content in your body. You have to do this for 20 seconds.

3. Rest

Take a rest for 20 seconds and make yourself ready for further workout.

4. Hindu push ups


Now you have to do Hindu push-ups  for 20 seconds with medium speed. The Hindu push ups will work on your all three chest muscles and will help you to build lower chest.

5. Lunges


Than you have to do lunges for 20 seconds, lunges will give your legs extra strength and also helps to boost your testosterone level.

6. Take a rest

Take a rest for 30 seconds and than make yourself ready for further workout.

7. Diamond push-ups.


Now you have to do diamond push-ups as many as you can do, diamond push-ups will help you to build your inner cheat and make your nipples to move on sideways and gives more muscular look to your chest and to your triceps
Now guys this constitutes to one circuit, you have to do 4 circuit of this type with an gap of 5 minutes between each and you will be able to burns high rate of calories as well as fixes your chest.

Note- the guys having a cardiovascular problem must consult to their trainers before this workout. Also guys having migraine problem will do this with very low intensity(means the rest time will be high).

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