How to gain weight drastically fast through natural way

              How to gain weight. 

Hey guys here i am back with another post on how to increase your weight with proper macro nutrients while maintaining the whole diet healthy and effective, in this diet we basically put pressure on fats carbs and protein.
This diet is usually for indians because the things which I am going to recommend will find easily in Indian kitchen
The benefit of this post is that it is cost effective and you can afford this diet at very low cost.


So basically we start our day with morning black coffee in morning
And after 2 hrs we will take our breakfast with Indian famous parathas with curd, these contains high fat, carbs and protein(curd)


Than in you have to eat normal food whatever your mom had cooked for you and you have to maintain the ghee and gurd in your diet after food this will helps you in increasing your weight and buttermilk is necessary in whole process.

Snacks time at 5 pm

In this you have to take nuts which are high in fats and protein and also helps you to build muscles and one more thing if you take this nuts after sooked them in water for 5 hours it's benefits increases and helps you to fulfill your needs


Dinner should be light and try to maintain less chappatis in your plate and more vegetables
And in last you have to take 3-4 grams of aswagandha powder in milk before sleep (helps to increase your testosterone level which ultimately helps in building muscles)

Note: always take more food than than your will wants so that extra calories stores in your body and ultimately increase your weight

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