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Reasons why you should try creatine in your diet?

So basically creatine is a supplement which is present in the market from 90's and it was before whey protein.  What is creatine doing in our body?  So basically creatine is producing extra ATP (Adinosin tri phosphate) in our body and lots of you guys have read about ATP in 10 class biology subject that ATP's are energy packets in our body and when you get extra ATP from outside which means taking creatine will gives you extra endurance, strength and stamina.  So basically in simple words we can say that after taking creatine there will be more reps than everyday.  You are taking creatine in your everyday diet but it was only 1gm and when you are a sportsman or fitness athlete you will need an extra 4 to 6 grams of creatine  How much dosage is safe?  So basically 20 grams of creatine dosage is safe but that will creat bloating in your stomach so i would suggest 10 gram of creatine is safe limit and I would suggest to take it in warm water. And for beginners the dosage…