How much protein your body needs to build muscles?

Protein : protein is an essential supplement to build your muscles. Our body also synthesize protein by it but it is not sufficient to build muscles, a studies came which shows that about 97 % of indians are protein deficit and our daily demand of protein for living an healthy life is 1gram per kg of your weight. 
For example if we take an example of average guy whose weight is 70 kg, so he needs a 70 gram of protein daily to live an healthy life 
                   But when we talk about muscle building goals than than our daily demand will be 1.8 grams of protein per kg of our body weight means about 105 grams of protein daily if we follows the above example. 
Tip: try to consume your daily demand of protein from variety of foods for example fish, soyachunks, chickenšŸ” etc. Because it will help you to meet your daily demand of other nutrients and minerals.

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